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Bowhunter Has a Tough Decision to Make on a Spike Buck

YouTube: Whitetail obsession outdoors

This guy had a decision to make with a spike buck. Would you have done the same?

Hunting can often come down to making choices. Some of those are split-second decisions. Often, our own ethics or judgements come into play. That's exactly what happened on this deer hunt.

The hunter in this video was holding out for a big whitetail buck. A spike showed up instead.

Watch to find out the unbelievable reason he decided to arrow him.

Pretty crazy, huh? Personally, I think he made the right call and an ethical decision. You really get a sense for how tangled that deer was in the rope at the end of the video. There was no way that was coming off on its own.

Would you have taken the shot? At the end of the day, it's good meat in the freezer, and an animal that isn't suffering.

We applaud this hunter.

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Bowhunter Has a Tough Decision to Make on a Spike Buck