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Guy Turns 65-Passenger School Bus Into the Perfect Traveling Hunting Cabin


1993 Bluebird 65-passenger school bus transformed to traveling hunting cabin to help raise awareness of the current state of public lands.

Sam Soholt, a professional photographer, came up with the idea to turn an old bus into a mobile hunting command center. Last December, he acquired a 1993 Bluebird 65 passenger school bus for that purpose. According to Sam, "The ballpark cost is about $12,000, and that includes a custom 10x20 enclosed awning that I had built."


He wanted to help raise awareness of the current crisis with the American public lands system. A noble cause, nonetheless. Recently, there's been discussion and even legislation of transferring some of our public lands to private ownership. To learn more about the cause, head to Keep It Public.

As any hunter should, Sam feels passionate about the cause, so he decided to take on a DIY project of transforming an old school bus into a traveling hunting cabin.

When I asked Sam about the project, he had this to share:

"My entire life has revolved around hunting and fishing public lands and waters, and I just felt like I needed to do my part in protecting those wild places I've just always taken for granted. I'll be working with Outdoor Life and Backcountry Hunters and Anglers to help spread the word about what I'm up to. I'll be a road warrior for the next year, raising awareness as well as dollars for public land access and protection. To help fund the whole thing, will be launching in the next week. $5 from every item will go to BHA to help in the fight."

The hunting command center will be touring public lands and raising awareness about the cause.

Take a look at the transformation (photos via Sam's Facebook page):



Here is the original post with even more pictures of the process.


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Guy Turns 65-Passenger School Bus Into the Perfect Traveling Hunting Cabin