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Get Paid $67K to Shoot Wildlife Around the Atlanta Airport

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The city of Atlanta will pay almost $70,000 to keep the runways safe.

Love hunting? A crack shot? The city of Atlanta might have the perfect job for you. An Airport Wildlife Biologist position is currently open at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Internation Airport. The job will pay someone between $50,900 - $67,800 to take the job.

The position's objective is to help oversee the Airport's Wildlife Management Program. The Biologist will have to assess the wildlife hazard level and intervene accordingly.

Wildlife near the runway is actually a very serious issue. Birds are reported to be the biggest threat, but deer have caused major complications in the past.

For instance, earlier this year a plane hit a deer on a Charlotte runway. The collision caused a major fuel leak and caused an emergency landing.

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The Federal Aviation Administration stated:

"During the past century, wildlife-aircraft strikes have resulted in the loss of hundreds of lives worldwide, as well as billions of dollars in aircraft damage. The FAA maintains a comprehensive program to address wildlife hazards."

The job will require the person to maintain firearms proficiency annually through NRA's Piston, Rifle, and Shotgun certification.

The position also requires a Bachelor's degree in biological science with various course minimums. Applicants should also have two years experience in wildlife management and certification through an Airport Wildlife Hazard Management training course. Lastly, you'll need a valid Georgia driver's license.


Get Paid $67K to Shoot Wildlife Around the Atlanta Airport