Orvis' Upland Bird Hunting Video is a True Masterpiece

The bond between a hunter and a hunting dog is undeniably impressive and Orvis did an incredible job telling that story.

Upland bird hunting is a magnificent sight to watch. There's just something magical about watching dogs go to work finding hunkered down birds over the rolling landscape that makes up the plains. If you're not a hunter, it's difficult to explain just how impressive this experience is. If you are a hunter, than you know the feeling and bond that you have with your four-legged hunting buddy.

Walk along with Dave Perkins and his bird dog as he shares his 50 years of bird hunting experience with us. This video is simply outstanding.

Well said, Dave.

If your hunting calendar is taking you to the pheasant fields this year, you should definitely check-out the Instinct SL from Franchi. It's just about everything that a bird hunter needs and wants in one well-built package. The Instinct SL is clearly designed with dedicated hunters in mind. It has the perfect amount of checkering throughout the AA grade walnut stock, which lends itself to striking looks and extreme functionality. This shotgun might not have tons of etching or gold-plated designs found on plenty of upland guns and that is simply because this gun is a true workhorse and not something that shouldn't be removed from the gun cabinet. Between dual auto-ejectors, an auto safety and the fact that it weighs under six pounds, this shotgun was made for long days in the field, no doubt about it. Outstanding job, Franchi, this is a work of art for the bird hunting community.

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