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5 Weapons of War to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

While a survival apocalypse may or may not happen, it’s still fun to plan how well prepared you’ll be. Which of these weapons of war would be most beneficial?

We have to admit it: the preppers among us are onto something. Having a bug out bag and a survival kit is useful in any circumstance, not just preparing for a survival apocalypse.

If you knew the end of days was coming and were in charge of your country’s fate, which of these weapons, all available to test out at, would you want?

1. U.S. M4A2E8 Sherman Medium Tank


There’s a reason why the Sherman is so iconic and that’s because it’s a reliable workhorse. What makes this choice even sweeter?

It’s probably the most featured tank in Hollywood, and therefore the one we picture in our minds so often when we imagine what it’s like to drive a tank.

2. M9 Vietnam-Era Flame Thrower

M9 Flame Thrower

If you’re feeling bold, go wild in your choice for survival weaponry. The thing about flame throwers is, they’re one-of-a-kind, and there’s no handheld weapon like them.

Who can honestly say they’d rather not shoot a flame thrower at a pack of hoarding zombies?

3. German Kettengrad SDFZ 2 Tracked Motorcycle


This choice is perfect for those who live in and around flatter lands. The interesting half motorcycle, half track vehicle design makes it versatile and lighter than traditional tanks.

It allows a little armor while conserving fuel for the long run, something any survivalist knows is important.

4. 50 Cal Machine Gun


The go-to machine gun is one of our top choices for a survival apocalypse. Just image the damage that could be done with the M2 machine gun!

5. Pak 40 Anti Tank Gun

Pak-40 firing

If you see someone else drive a tank during the apocalypse, wouldn’t it be nice to know you could take it out with your Pak 40? Believe it or not, it’d probably be one of the better choices.

So which of these would you pick to survive an apocalypse situation?


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5 Weapons of War to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse