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A Bond Like No Other: The Story of Ruff and His 25,000 Retrieves


If you have ever loved a dog, this is for you. Here is a heartwarming video about a hunting companion and the joys of a sidekick.

Dogs are amazing creatures. So eager to love and please their owners, there is an irreplaceable bond that is hard to explain with words alone.

Tony Vandemore and Under Armour hit the nail on the head better than it’s ever been hit before in expressing the special bond a hunter and their dog possess. Quite frankly, it goes beyond hunting, and anyone who has ever had a dog as sidekick can relate. And that is what makes this video of Tony and his friend “Ruff” so special.

In his early years of waterfowling, Vandemore was not married and had no children. At the time, just a drive for bringing ducks in as close as he could get. And that is when Ruff entered the picture. Connected at the hip, their journey began and the story that would unfold is one of great proportions and a lot love.

Grab some Kleenexes; you’re going to need them. Click this link to check out the video.

Raw emotions run wild in this video, and it is almost impossible to watch without feeling the ups and downs of the story. What started out in a kennel led to over 25,000 retrieves and memories that will forever last.

But none more memorable than the last.

How fitting is the last hunt for Ruff, sacrificing and doing whatever it took to please his owner one last time. Dogs are simple, and that is what makes them so special and near to a man’s heart. They simply have an unwilling drive to love and be loved by their owner. If you have owned a dog, you understand.

Ruff is a prime example of that, and the story fits together all to well to be coincidence. If you have ever met Tony or follow his content, it is easy to see he is as genuine as they come. A good ole boy who loves to hunt and I think that is why so many can relate to this video.

Although there will never be another Ruff, there is now a Ki in Vandemore’s life. And that is the incredible thing about dogs. Their own story, their own tendencies, their own drive, but the same amazing loyal companionship at your side.

Rest in peace, Ruff.

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A Bond Like No Other: The Story of Ruff and His 25,000 Retrieves