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Kill More Birds This Turkey Season with This Simple Tool

When you need to close the distance on hung-up gobblers this spring, this tool is going to do the trick.

It really doesn't get much better than hunting turkeys in the springtime. Between the warm weather and strutting birds, it's difficult to find reasons not to be out turkey hunting every chance you get.

If you're planning on chasing longbeards in a couple of weeks, you must check out the Turkey Fan from Killer Gear; this thing is outstanding.

First of all, awesome footage and second of all, great piece of turkey hunting equipment.

Aside from the fact that the image on the front of the "fan" is of an extremely realistic jake, this piece of gear is easily wide enough to conceal both gun and bowhunters but also allow you to get into shooting position quickly. With a comfortable handle and even a place for your GoPro, this is definitely a tool that you shouldn't forget at home.

Turkey, turkey hunting, turkey fan, killer gear

Killer Gear

Outstanding job team Killer Gear!