Coyote hunting
Dylan Ehrlich

Girl Crushes Multiple Coyotes in New Mexico

You don't want to be on the other end of her rifle, that's for sure.

New Mexico is one the best states in the country to satisfy your coyote hunting craving, there's just no doubt about out. Though the terrain can be rough for hikers, coyotes and other predators populate these canyons and wide open valleys which offer some great long range shots for hunters.

Watch this coyote-killing duo put a dent in the New Mexico predator population.

Outstanding shooting, way to hammer those dogs!

When you're out in the field coyote hunting solo style, it's a real chore to work the caller and keep your gun at the ready. When some coyotes hang up, taking the time to look at your call remote, find a new sound and hit play can be just enough time for him to lose interest and take-off. When you find yourself in a tricky situation, try using a mouth call and keep your rifle down range, on target.

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An all around great coyote call is the Smoking Gun Howler from the team at Fox Pro. A standard two latex reed call, this diaphragm has the potential to sound yips, barks, howls and distress calls without you having to move a muscle off of your scope. Definitely worth keeping one handy for those tough situations.