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Dirt Bike Hunter Chases Down Wild Hog


Whatever it takes to battle the local wild hog population.

It’s no secret that wild hogs are taking over and destroying areas of this country, so much so that some states like Texas have an open season on these menaces 365 days a year.

Check out what this dirt biker does when they come up on a hog.

Doesn’t get much better than that!

After moving to the Lone Star state and realizing that hog hunting is more than just hunting, it’s nearly a civic duty, I pulled the trigger(literally) on buying a rifle dedicated to killing pigs. Nearly as important as the rifle and scope is the light that’s mounted on the side of the weapon. With plenty of hogs moving after sunset, it’s crucial that your rifle has a powerful beam of light to light up your scope. After several hunts over the course of nearly 6 months, I can tell you that the lights from Elusive Wildlife are top of the line.

wild hog, hog hunting, Elusive Wildlife
Mike Reeber

Straight out of the box, you can tell that there’s nothing cheap about them, quality is not compromised  anywhere on these lights. The flashlight bodies are nearly indestructible, the controls are easy to operate(even with gloves on) and the rechargeable batteries will hold a charge for extended periods of time during even the coldest weather. Whether you’re a diehard hog hunter or just love to get out there and to crush the local coyote pack, the lineup from Elusive Wildlife is definitely worth giving a try on your favorite weapon. Simply put, an all-around outstanding weapons light.


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Dirt Bike Hunter Chases Down Wild Hog