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This NRA Video for Women's Rights is Slinging Serious Heat

This new NRA video, featuring a bombastic pro-gun speech by a self-proclaimed "former leftist," is touching a nerve.

The fastest growing demographic of gun owners is, you guessed it, women. It's no surprise, then, that the NRA has stepped up to show support for the group. In this stinging video, Antonia Okafor goes full blast on gun control and anti-gun groups.

Check out the video on "fake feminists" for yourself.

The clip starts during the middle of the video. If you have time, I suggest you watch the entire thing.

The clip tears apart the argument against safe gun ownership and the Second Amendment. At one point, Antonia, a black woman, even gets deep into the race issues surrounding the 2nd Amendment. And she holds no punches.

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This NRA Video for Women's Rights is Slinging Serious Heat