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5 Beautiful and Deadly Pistols in Tiffany Blue

Tiffany Blue Kahr PM9

Because every woman should have her own Tiffany Blue handgun.

Let’s face it: even when it’s concealed, your personal defense gun is a staple piece. You take it with you wherever you go. It’s almost like a part of you. A true gentleman knows that this should also be the case for the lady in his life. (And she definitely deserves the best).

When it comes to a self-defense, carry-friendly handgun for women, it doesn’t get much classier than a Tiffany Blue pistol. Yes, these are actually a thing. A quick search for “Tiffany” on Gun Broker currently shows over 100 available listings!

Here are five beautiful, and deadly, pistols in Tiffany Blue.

Charter Arms “The Tiffany” High Polish .38 Special

MMP Guns

This snappy little revolver features a high-polish finish and “The Tiffany” engraved right on the barrel, along with an embossed diamond. It’s hard to beat the simplicity of a revolver. That ease of use makes this a top contender for the woman who may not want the hassle of a semi-auto with safety switches and other mechanical parts. Point and shoot. This .38 Special is a perfect, classic choice.

Ruger LCP .380

Arms List

It’s hard to beat the LCP .380 from Ruger. Available through certain retailers, this cerakoted blue version enjoys all of the same features of a standard LCP .380, with looks to kill. A lightweight, short frame shooter, the LCP is a popular concealed carry option for both men and women.

Smith & Wesson M&P Shield

Arms List

As a 9mm option, the M&P Shield from Smith & Wesson is another popular carrying piece. These thin-frame, extremely lightweight guns can be comfortably carried all day. In the box, new buyers will receive a standard magazine as well as an extended magazine, one of which is sure to feel right at home in the palm of your hand (or your handbag).

Kimber Micro Bel Air


The ivory grips on this Micro Bel Air available from Kimber make this piece the ultimate accessory. Also available in .380, Kimber’s micro series offers the high-end performance that Kimber is known for. And with a match-grade trigger set at only 7.0 lbs this little gem will have you feeling confident and classy.

Kahr PM 9


There’s not a lot to say about the PM 9 from Kahr. It’s beautiful. A comfortable textured grip feels good in any hand. At just over 5″ long and 4″ tall, this American made firearm is yet another exemplary option for a great personal defense piece. A sure fire hit for your lady.

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5 Beautiful and Deadly Pistols in Tiffany Blue