pop-up cabin
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Tiny Pop-Up Cabin Will Catch Every Outdoorsman's Eye

We're digging the design of this slick, "pop-up" cabin in the woods!

Just about everyone would love to own their own little cabin in the woods. You know, your own little slice of heaven where you can just get away from it all. Sadly, for most of us, that's just not in the budget.

Maybe you don't have the money, time or energy for a building project like that on your own.

The guys in this video came up with a simplistic solution. This "pop-up" is for those who like to build their own things and aren't afraid to rough it a little. It's a very simple, but unique design just about anyone could pull off.

There's something tremendously satisfying about watching a build like this tinyhouse come together.

Although there's nothing terribly fancy about this build, the finished product looks rustic and cozy. Odds are, you already have the necessary tools for the job. Most of the prep work is likely just in gathering the building materials, notching the boards and then picking a suitable site for the build. From there, it seems to be a fairly easy setup.

If the stove seems a little large for a structure this size, just remember this thing is uninsulated with a tarp roof. One could always modify the design these guys did with more permanent features like insulation, a smaller stove, a bed area and a more solid roof component.

No matter what, though, it would get you out of the harsh weather conditions and would likely be much more comfortable than a camping tent.

Otherwise, we love the creativity and ingenuity on display here. This cabin would keep you sheltered on a cold winter's night. A little creative modification to the floor and this design could be used to build a dynamite ice fishing shanty or permanent hunting blind.

When can we move in?

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