Can You See Yourself Living in One of These 7 Tiny Cabins?

We all have dreamed about a cabin in the woods. A tiny cabin is that much more obtainable.

We all dream of a beautiful hunting or fishing cabin, someplace to get away from it all and enjoy the nature that surrounds us.

A tiny cabin would make the dream easier to come by! Here are some tiny cabins we yearn for, even if they're a fifth of the size of our homes.

With things like these, it's location, not substance or size, that matters. When your yard is as big as the wilderness, all you really need is a small roof overhead and some walls to keep out the cold and animals.

It may be more modular home than cabin, but this would work.

Be like Richard Proenneke and build your own small cabin with only hand tools deep in the Alaskan wilderness!

What about an old wilderness trapper's style cabin with a moss roof?

How about a tiny cabin on wheels? Highly mobile!

A tiny cordwood cabin anyone?

The tiny cabin built in Alaska with love.

Here is the in-law cabin!

Cabin plans are available online and kits are available for purchase also.

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