YouTube: Mossy Oak

A Cottonmouth This Big Is the Last Thing You Want to See in Your Duck Blind

While planting a duck hole during the summer, the Mossy Oak crew ran into this giant cottonmouth.

Cottonmouth snakes, or water moccasins, live in the southeastern United States from southern Virginia to Florida and as far west as East Texas.

They are semi-aquatic, spending about half their time on land and the other half in water.

Watch the video and see if you think this is really the world's largest cottonmouth.

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Despite their vicious appearance, cottonmouths rarely bite humans, and only do so when they feel threatened.

Cottonmouth snakes are venomous. A bite is extremely painful and possibly fatal. If you are bitten by a cottonmouth, seek immediate medical attention.

I hope the Mossy Oak boys check their duck blind before a predawn entry.