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Florida Buck Tries to Play Soccer, Doesn't Quite Know How


A young buck recently found himself in a tight spot on a soccer field when his antlers got tangled in a net.

Soccer is quickly growing in popularity across the United States. Apparently, that popularity even applies to whitetail deer. One young Florida buck was recently practicing his skills on a soccer field when his antlers became tangled in a net attached to a goal.

Alright, so the buck was probably just nibbling on some fresh grass, but the fact remains that he was on the soccer field when he got himself stuck.

Luckily for the buck, two Florida deputies spotted the struggling deer while on patrol near Halpatiokee Park in Martin County. Deputies Erick Day and Becky Brady were quick to act.

The two deputies did their best to calm the frightened animal as they worked to free it from the soccer net. After a couple minutes of untangling, the buck quickly scampered off into the nearby woods.

soccer net

It is interesting to note that the soccer net the Florida buck got stuck in was an almost blaze orange. Perhaps that made it difficult for the buck to see as he walked near the goal.

Deer hunters clad in their state's requirements for blaze orange during hunting season hope that is the case, but should also be happy the young buck was released without further incident.


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Florida Buck Tries to Play Soccer, Doesn't Quite Know How