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Rattlesnake and Cottonmouth Face Off in a Battle of Nature's Nastiest Serpents

YouTube: ojatro

It's a classic animal kingdom question we haven't seen acted out until now.

The cottonmouth, otherwise known as the water moccasin, is an opportunistic predator. The rattlesnake is an efficient and specialized killer. What happens when they go up against each other in the wild?

Published by ojatro on YouTube, the video is pretty epic. Beware, this is some graphic footage. But you knew that when you saw the headline, right?

Which will you put your money on?

If you blinked, you may have missed that initial strike. It was pretty much over from there.

Size may have played a factor, but he who strikes first usually gets the upper hand.

Is it just me, or do you feel like there are bugs flying around you after watching that? The water snakes are among the most venomous in North America, and a snakebite from an Eastern diamondback, which this rattler appears to be, can kill quickly if not properly treated.

Pit vipers and cottonmouths are both common to Texas, spread widely east to Florida, and can be found in most of the Southwestern United States. Be sure to seek medical attention immediately should you ever get bitten by one of the many different species of venomous snakes, and be sure of your surroundings when trekking through snake territory.

And remember, a young snake is a particularly deadly snake, because they've yet to learn how to properly disperse their venom. That means springtime and early summer is when to watch out for baby snakes specifically.

Incredible stuff from an incredible creature. Next time the rattlesnake vs. cottonmouth question gets brought up, you can send the ignorant this video and put it to rest.

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Rattlesnake and Cottonmouth Face Off in a Battle of Nature's Nastiest Serpents