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5 Incredible Log Cabins We Would All Love to Retire In

Log cabins aren't just for Honest Abe these days. Here are five that we all would love to spend our retired years in (or any years, for that matter).

A log cabin.. on a lake... back in the woods. Is it really too much to ask for?

We all have a deep and powerful love for the outdoors. While at work, we dream about it, and besides providing for our families, it is one of the main reasons we do work. So we can afford new equipment, land, and anything else we would need to satisfy that itch to be outside.

There's something about a log cabin that screams peace, serenity, relaxation, and being one with the outdoors. Someone who is passionate about hunting, fishing, and being in the outdoors is usually a pretty simple person. Put them outside doing what they love, and they are happy.

Then all you need is somewhere to stay and call home...

These five log cabins would be something we would all love to retire in.

1. Cozy Cabin

What is not to love about this one? Beautiful cabin, not to small, but not too big. Just right for easy maintenance and your own private pond to do a little fishing with the family. Well lit, big windows, and a nice little patio porch over-sitting the pond. I am sure your imagination is already running wild.

2. Now We're Talking

First thing that comes to my mind is a spring morning. Wake up early and head out the front door to chase some gobblers. After you put the big tom down, walk around and look for some morel mushrooms on the way back to the cabin. After a little afternoon nap, walk out the back door and hit the lake after some spawning crappie.

Describe a better day and I will call you a liar. With big windows and a dock to watch the sunset, this would be the ultimate relaxation spot. And the vaulted ceiling leaves you with wiggle room for that massive elk mount you will have some day.

A man can dream, right?

3. All About That View

My oh my, does this cabin have the scenery. On a hill itself, it overlooks a plentiful forest and has some beautiful views of surroundings mountains.

Where do I sign?

4. The Good Stuff

This cabin is the best of both worlds. Cozy cabin that looks like it would be easy to maintain. Yet, you still get the breathtaking views and everything that comes with it.

A scenery straight out of a magazine, you are sure to be hearing elk bugling from your porch and a short trip to the water for some fishing when you get the itch.

Pretty safe to say we could all retire here.

5. Simple and Sweet

Let's all be honest. We don't need those huge extraordinary cabins above. Although they are beautiful and we would all be glad to have them, this one would do just fine.

Simple and sweet. Tucked back in the woods and no distractions with a front porch to sit on and listen to birds and the frogs.

Give me a tent in the woods and I would be a happy camper, but all of these cabins look like outstanding spots to sail off into retirement with.

Maybe, just maybe someday our dreams can become a reality, and we can enjoy something similar to these cabins for what they are worth!

Until then, keep saving that money.

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