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The Most Mildly Interesting Deer Facts You'll Ever Come Across

Even if you have a lifelong love for deer hunting, these mildly interesting deer facts could be news to you.

We love the hunt and chase of whitetail deer. We try to gain as much knowledge on the matter as our brains can comprehend and absorb, all in hope that it will help us fill our tags.

You may know a lot about deer, but these facts could be new news for you.

1. Ever wonder why we refer to male deer as a 'buck'?

Back in the day, deer were a valuable piece for trading on the frontier. A skin of a male deer was worth about a dollar, or a buck.

2. Those oh-so-sought-after antlers we chase all season grow very quickly.

In the growth stages of velvet, and adult buck will put on about quarter inch of antler growth per day, which makes an antler the fastest-growing piece of bone on the planet.

3. A whitetail will average around seven to eight pounds of food per day.

Pretty incredible. That's why, come late winter, you can have great success tagging mature deer around food sources. They become slaves to their stomachs.

4. Deers' coats change colors throughout the season from a reddish brown in the summer to a grayish brown in the winter in attempt to increase their camouflage abilities for safety. Sneaky sneaky.

5. Whitetails can jump fences up to nine feet tall and reach running speeds of up to 40 mph.

There is a reason we attempt to hunt them by outsmarting them instead of chasing them.

6. They are a whole lot of fun to hunt and even better to eat!

Alright, you definitely knew that one.

While none of these facts will blow your socks off, they all come together to help create the elusive and incredible animal we all love chasing each fall. These mildly interesting facts may be old news to you, or you may have learned something today.

Either way... is it deer season yet?!

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