$100 Boat
YouTube: ThatBoatGuy

$100 Overgrown Junk Boat Cleans Up To Like-New Condition

This $100 boat ended up being a true bargain!

If you are fisherman, there is nothing quite so frustrating as not being able to own a boat. Most people do not own one simply because of the costs. A good motorboat will easily set you back thousands and not everyone has that kind of cash to throw around for their hobby. It stinks when you know the fish are biting, but they are in a spot that can only be accessed via watercraft.

For anglers who cannot afford a boat, their options are bum a ride with a friend, or save up, sometimes for years to afford one. Well, perhaps there is another option. Simply get lucky on the deal of a lifetime.

Take this video from "ThatBoatGuy" on YouTube. He locates a 15-foot motorboat complete with outboard for only $100 online. There is a catch of course. The boat has been outside without a cover for a long time. To the point there is a forest of ferns growing out of it. Surely this watercraft is too far gone to salvageable right? Well, you might be surprised.

This boat truly looks like it was beyond the point of no return. We expected water to have seeped in and compromised the stability of the deck and hull. However, it turned out all they had to do was shovel out the ferns and trash, give it a powerwash, and the hull was good to go. The motor took a little more time, but they eventually got it started and now the fiberglass hulled boat runs like a dream. It does not appear they spent any additional money getting it up and running either.

Granted, they lucked out on several things here. For one, the previous owner's wife probably thought it was a lost cause, thus the low price. Since the prior owner was sick, they probably did not care what they got for it. Second, the fact the engine was able to start with just a few minor tweaks was pure luck. Third, the fact that the trailer was in perfect shape is amazing on its own. From the photos, it looked like the boat had not moved in years. One would think the tires would be in rough shape after that.

Simply put, this was a perfect, probably a once-in-a-lifetime scenario to get a deal like this. However, we might be taking a second look at overgrown "junk" boats after this in hopes of finding a deal like this ourselves!

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