boat crash
YouTube: Michael Broussard

Driver and Passenger Launched Out of Bass Boat at 57 MPH

You know this one didn't feel good.

It seems people are forgetting how dangerous bass boats can be when you drive them at high speeds. When you think about the logistics of skimming around the surface of a lake or a river at 50mph, it seems pretty obvious that things could turn south.

For some reason, though, boating accidents are seemingly getting more and more common every day.

This is what happens when you try to turn a bass boat on a dime at 50 mph.

Watch the bass boat accident below:

First off, thank goodness they were wearing life jackets, because hitting water while moving that fast would probably be enough to knock you out.

Additionally, this video is exactly why just about every boat has a kill switch now. When you have an accident in a moving vehicle, the last thing you want is for the vehicle to keep driving.

"I bypassed donning my usual safety precautions because I was distracted and it almost cost us our lives," driver Michael Broussard said in the video description. "Despite having been on the water my whole life, I didn't truly know how unforgiving the water could be and how quickly things can go wrong."

Fortunately for these guys, though, it ended up driving in a circle, giving them an opportunity to catch it with another boat.

"Always wear your kill switch, life jacked and other PPE and know your equipment!" he added. "Big thanks to the guys who picked us up that day, they probably saved our lives."

Have you ever had something this happen while driving your own bass fishing boat? Let us know!