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YouTube: Walter Andreis

Bass Boat Crashes at 102 MPH

These guys are lucky to still be alive after attempting to break the world record for top speed on a bass boat. Their video claims they already broke the record once, but they wanted to see if they could do even better, so let this souped-up boat rip across some wide-open water.

Unfortunately, they only made it to ho-hum 102 mph before their vessel caught the speed wobbles as bad as a novice skateboarder going down a steep hill.

But the question we're all wondering is what does it look like when a boat flips at that speed?

Watch the video below:


For those of us who have spent a lot of time on bass boats, there's no denying just how fast 40 mph feels. The wind force that you're exposed to on a flat, open-top boat is incomparable to that felt atop any other watercraft. And, the shape of a bass boat is tricky when it comes to sharp turns, as its flatter bottom allows for drifting, but the freedom in those turns is acutely affected at higher speeds, which can fool a driver who isn't used to pushing his or her boat that hard.

In terms of the crash itself, any water skier or wakeboarder knows just how unforgiving water feels at such speeds, mimicking a stretch of pavement far more than any liquid body. So, you could only imagine how much the initial impact felt, especially when paired with the violent, yet awkward ejection from the boat itself.

It's honestly a miracle these guys walked away unscathed, although their boat might not have had the same luck; it's hard to tell. This should be a lesson that an accident can happen in an instant, so always make safety the top priority!