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Man Installs a 5HP Outboard Motor on a Kayak

kayak with motor
YouTube: zoffinger

This is one of the most satisfying videos on the internet right now.

Kayaks certainly offer some advantages over motorized boats in that they're cheaper, lighter to carry and can fit almost anywhere. However, you can't cover near as much distance, nor can you pack all that much gear.

What if I told you there's a way around at least one of those drawbacks?

A man by the name of Marty Zoffinger seemingly mastered the boat-kayak hybrid, creating what just might be the most versatile watercraft of all time.

Imagine being able to throw a boat on top of your car or in the back of your truck. Consider how many fishing doors would open if you could squeeze into those tight covers where there are undoubtedly fish.

Think about a world where you don't have to find a boat ramp to launch. The possibilities!

Watch the video below:

It's probably safe to say this guy knows his way around a kayak, as not only did he mention a running relationship with Pelican, but he also looked more than comfortable drilling a whole heap of holes in this one.

The motor mount looks like it'd be compatible with a Minn Kota trolling motor or an electric outboard, as well, which opens up a wide variety of additional kayak fishing opportunities.

What's even crazier is that he didn't really know how it would turn out, or whether it would even be safe to drive. So, when it ended up passing all the tests with flying colors, he must've been absolutely ecstatic.

I'd imagine the sliding seat was what ultimately made the difference, as other people who've tried similar projects typically have an issue with weight distribution.

What amazes me the most, though, is how stable the boat seems to be even when turning at relatively high speeds.

There's no reason this fishing kayak has to be freshwater-exclusive, either! This thing would probably kill it on a sound or some other steady saltwater.

This guy is a genius!



Man Installs a 5HP Outboard Motor on a Kayak