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Sea Doo's Fishing Jet Ski Still Draws As Much Attention As It Did When It First Came Out

There's finally a reason to not hate a jet ski. 

There are two kinds of boaters that drive fishermen nuts. You've been there, too. It's a perfect evening on the lake. The fish are just starting to move and all of a sudden here comes a pontoon boat full of people hugging the shoreline. They love to drive right on top of all the active areas where the fish are just getting ready to bite.

The second, and probably even worse, are all those idiots who fly full bore on jet skis all day long while you are trying to fish. I swore off owning a Jet Ski a long time ago. However, this fishing jet ski from Sea-Doo deserves a look.

Watch the video below:

Okay, so the Fish Pro is sort of cool. It doesn't look very functional for me to fly fish from since there isn't really a casting deck. However, this is a big leap forward in making jet skis the outdoorsman's 4-wheeler of the water. The storage compartment is pretty cool too.

One thing I always tend to laugh at, though, is I don't keep fish. Most people I know who are truly serious fishermen rarely keep fish either. As a matter of fact, catch-and-release is more mainstream than keeping fish these days. However, by God if a company is going to make anything for fishing, they're going to include a cooler to keep fish. Well, at least it's good for drinks or something if nothing else.

So what do you think? For $15,000, is the Fish Pro worth it? For that much money, you could find a jet boat, do the same thing, and at least be able to comfortably stand while casting. If you did that, though, you couldn't tell people you fish off a jet ski...

To each their own, I guess. I think I'll pass, though.