Alaska Largemouth Bass
Craig Medred

First Alaskan Largemouth Bass Record Has Been Set at 7.5 Inches

Believe it or not, this is bad news for fishery in Alaska. 

Just about everywhere largemouth bass swim, anglers revere as the king of gamefish. Well, that's true for about everywhere, but Alaska. There, people consider bass an invasive species and a fish nobody wants to see. Thankfully for Alaska, this hasn't been a problem, until now.

After being caught over Labor Day weekend, a 7.5-inch bass became the first of its kind ever reported for the 49th state. Therefore, by default, it's the now the all-time largemouth bass record.

At this time, little is known about how the first Alaskan largemouth bass ever caught actually got there. Many suspect a local may have stocked it illegally. Others on social media suggested people may have dumped them by accident after purchasing bait online. Regardless of how it got there, the state is hoping it's the only one.

As it was reported, largemouth bass are actually considered an invasive species. They tend to rise to the top of the food chain where they go. Seeing as they're in Alaska, they would already have to battle some pretty big fish to take the crown, but this isn't a match the state wants to see.

With any luck, this Alaskan largemouth bass is just some freak that somehow got in the lake. Without any luck, it's the beginning of a new trend that could have disastrous consequences.