Illinois Record Sunfish
Illinois Department of Natural Resources

New Illinois Sunfish Record Has Been Confirmed

This new Illinois sunfish record might be around for a long, long time. 

Most of us grew up fishing for bluegill and sunfish. Because it's a first fish for many, we know a big one when we see one. This new Illinois sunfish record is one of those big ones. As you can see from the photos, this is a huge redear sunfish anywhere

Ken Krumreich landed the sunfish in Grundy County May 19, 2018.

Now that it's official, it looks like this record will be staying around for a while.

As the Chicago Sun Times first reported, there was some controversy over this fish. Some thought it was a hybrid, but thanks to science, we now know the truth.

Illinois Chief of Fisheries Dan Stephenson reported confirmation from geneticist Dr. Mark Davis from the Illinois History Survey, Champaign, that the fish was not a hybrid. The redear sunfish weighed an impressive 3 pounds, 1.1 ounce and measured 15 1/4 inches long with a 14 1/2 girth. 

The previous record, a 2-pound, 12.3-ounce beast was caught 33 years ago and has been the top dog ever since.

Sunfish that big just don't come around very often.