Lake Erie Walleye is Said to Be Awesome This Year

If you don't know about how great Lake Erie walleye fishing can be, you don't know walleye fishing. 

Lake Erie, is widely considered the top walleye lake in the Midwest. With that in mind, when fishermen are coming out saying this year is one of the best they can remember, it might be worth making plans to go visit. With the most success coming from the Ohio side, Sandusky and Cleveland are often considered the best places to hit the water. Charters are everywhere and private guide services are abundant, too. However, the walleye anglers who know already have their secret spots.

It's so good in fact, there are news reports about it. Just see below:

Cleveland 19 News Cleveland, OH

As you just heard, the reason for this walleye boom on the Great Lakes is fairly simple. Several years ago, Lake Erie froze thicker than normal. Because of this, late spawning females were left alone a little longer and were able to produce more offspring. Last year, all those offspring were just under the legal limit. This year, though, they're all just the right size, and there are plenty of them.

Walleye aren't the only fish in the lake, however. Smallmouth bass are abundant and pretty huge compared to most places. Also, yellow perch cloud up in very large numbers. Fishing reports are showing that the catch rates are only going to increase throughout the summer. To keep a legal walleye, it has to be a minimum length of 15 inches long. The ODNR is enforcing that in a big way, too. Please, go out and have your fun, but when fishing is this fast and furious, make sure you follow the rules!