Luna the Pantera

Luna the Black Leopard Tumbles In the Snow With Her Rottweiler Best Friend, Venza

Playing in the snow is a favorite pastime of many cold-weather dogs like Rottweilers, St. Bernards, Samoyeds, and other pups with thick fur. These funny animals can't help but roll around in the cold fluff, letting it cover their faces and fur. But these dog breeds aren't the only ones to enjoy a fresh dusting of powder. Sometimes, they bring along their humans—or even other furry friends. Let this Rottweiler and black leopard snow you how it's done in this viral TikTok video.


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Rottweilers are pretty big dogs that are known for being fierce—though big cats like Luna the Pantera may have the guard dog breed beat. This wild cat and her funny dog, Venza, live together in Siberia. Luna was rescued from a Siberian Zoo by a Russian woman named Victoria when her mother rejected her. In Russia, as long as you owned an exotic cat before January 2020, it is legal to have them as pets. So the cute animals now live together with their humans and spend time playing in the snow and being BFFs.

The black panther shows no fear of the snow, even though cold temperatures are not part of its natural habitat. The cute cat runs, tumbles, and flies through the snow with her very own Rottweiler puppy, proving she can be a snow leopard if she wants to be. In the aww-worthy video, Luna gently paws at the dog to get him to play with her. Though the best part may be the first time the pup tries to get up out of the snow and Luna places her paw on his back as if to say, "We're staying here."

As cute as their interaction is, it's important to remember that big cats like Luna are still wild animals at heart. Even though they have been domestically raised, such creatures should always be treated with caution. It's best to enjoy her big personality from the safety of TikTok!

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