This Wild Coyote Has the Most Unlikely Friendship With Her Puppy Pal

There's nothing cuter than an unlikely pair of furry best friends. This coyote and puppy are the pawfect match! 

If dogs are man's best friend, then their wild cousins would likely be considered just the opposite. Pet owners are often trying to figure out how to keep coyotes away from dogs and avoid any dangerous encounters in their own backyards. When you live in a rural or wooded area, it's not unusual for animals like coyotes, mountain lions, foxes, and bears to be spotted searching for water and food. This can put your furry friends at risk if you aren't careful! Dogs, cats, and other small pets must be kept secure at night to make sure they don't attract any coyote activity. Luckily, coyotes and other predators usually have a healthy fear of humans and the loud noises that come along with the places we live.

Of course, not all coyotes are interested in harming people or their animals. TikTok user Timmy McMechan developed an unusual bond with a wild coyote that might raise some eyebrows. Read on to learn about their sweet friendship!

Meet Weave the Coyote

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McMechan and the coyote he has named Weave met under unusual circumstances. Weave's mom was killed during turkey hunting season, so she and her brother were being temporarily cared for by another woman. Then McMechan took them both in when the coyote pups were just two months hold, giving them a chance at survival. Weave's brother didn't make it, but she grew up to be healthy and strong. Although Weave spends most of her time outside these days, she still has a special bond with McMechan, his sons, and their pets.

"She is not domesticated by any means, she does her own thing," McMechan explains. "She just tolerates me and my boys."

Instead of wanting to eat his cat for dinner, Weave and Two-Tone Ramone are "best friends." However, she is still a wild animal and stays outside to hunt and play as most regular coyotes would. She also sleeps out in the woods on McMechan's property, taking her puppy bed off the porch and out to wherever it is she is sleeping for the night. McMechan says she is very smart and even figured out how to open some of their doors, so he keeps them locked when Weave isn't being supervised inside the house.

Rejected By Local Coyotes


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While McMechan emphasizes that Weave is a wild coyote and not a pet, she isn't accepted by her local pack. In early videos, she runs into the house to hide from other coyotes because she is scared and waits for them to disappear before returning outside.

In fact, the local coyotes often pick on Weave and sometimes even attack her. Her leg was injured in one TikTok video because the other coyotes got to her, so McMechan often opens up the door and lets her come inside to sit on the couch where she's safe. Weave doesn't get to come inside all the time—usually just when it's necessary. She even plays with Tim's kids, because she has accepted them as a part of her pack. She is not a fan of strangers and will avoid other new humans like a typical coyote.

Weave and Duck: Coyote and Puppy Pals


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Recently, McMechan got a new puppy and introduced the dog to Weave. The pup, Duck, stayed in his crate for the initial introductions for his own safety. Since Weave is a wild animal, you never know how she might react to a new pack member. She was unsure about the puppy at first, but Duck was immediately ready to play.

After a couple more introductions (and a little bit of jealousy!) Weave decided the puppy was alright and accepted him as a part of the family. In an adorable follow-up video, Duck and Weave are shown playing outside together for the first time. The pair had a blast running, jumping, and wrestling together. Of course, McMechan doesn't let Weave play with Duck by herself and is always there to supervise the coyote and puppy pals while they interact. However, it is clear from the videos that Weave has accepted Duck as her canine sibling. He is a welcome addition to her pack, and we can't wait to see more videos of their friendship.

As adorable as these pals look, we don't recommend trying this at home. It's best to keep coyotes away from your pets and store pet food and open garbage cans out of reach. Call your local wildlife rescue for assistance if you find an injured or abandoned coyote pup.

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