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YouTube:Eric Pettway

Man Shoots .50 Cal in Living Room Again, This Time With No Suppressor

Eric Pettway is back with an even crazier .50 cal BMG stunt!

Remember last July when YouTuber Eric Pettway made that wildly viral video of himself shooting a Barrett .50 BMG off a glass coffee table in his living room? It was a pretty wild video. He also didn't wear hearing protection since he was using a suppressor.

Both the coffee table and Eric's hearing survived, but we also recall some skepticism from the Internet afterwards. There were trolls who claimed he'd faked it and just shot a primer on an empty round from the giant semi-automatic and claimed it was suppressed.

Well, Eric addressed the haters in one of his latest videos. He's back in his living room with a glass coffee table and this time, he's shooting an un-suppressed .50-caliber rifle! It's a stunt that could only happen here in the United States!

I don't think anyone will be questioning Eric on this one. The muzzle flash, the sound, it was all there. Then the smoke detector goes off to let you know, yes, this man just fired a .50 cal Barrett model in his living room! We can't blame him for being nervous about this stunt. BMG rifles like this are serious business.

There's a reason the U.S. Military uses them as long-range anti-material rifles. We fully expected the table to break on this one without the suppressor in place. For perspective, the typical Barrett sniper rifle weighs nearly 30 pounds thanks to the hefty receiver and heavy barrel. Speaking of which, the 20-inch barrel length pushes rounds out at a blistering 2,800 feet per second!

That power is why the military often loads the Barrett 82A1 and the M2 Browning machine gun up with armor-piercing ammo. At the very least we're amazed the recoil and the bipod didn't scratch that table up!

What is it with YouTubers and firing guns in their living room? As you'll recall, a while back Demolition Ranch did something similar. Although, he stopped short of the Barrett. He started with rimfires and worked his way up to .300 Winchester Magnum. But after just a single shot from the .300 Win Mag, he got nervous and stopped short of the big gun. So, kudos to Eric. Great video! Although we are wondering how on earth you are going to top this stunt.

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