.50 Cal
YouTube: Edwin Sarkissian

Man Shoots .50 Cal Straight Up to See How Long It Takes Bullet to Fall Back to Earth

We all want to know, but no one has been crazy enough to try it.

First of all, this breaks every gun safety rule you've ever learned. Quite frankly, this whole ordeal needs to be frowned upon and it should NEVER be replicated in any form or fashion. Whether you're using an airsoft gun, a BB gun, a compound bow or even a slingshot, there's a lot that can go wrong.

However, now that we got that of the way, we all want to know what would happen. Edwin Sarkissian and his YouTube Channel. With a remote area where he is clear of any possible injury or harm except to himself, he aims to find the answer to this question.

It's a crazy experiment to watch, but it all ends up working out. The results are something to watch.

The helicopter noise alone as the bullet spins back to earth is enough to freak me out. I can't imagine what that would feel like to hear that in person. These guys are braver than us to try a stunt like this. It's not something you want to attempt ever.

In fact, we'd go so far as to say it's not a good idea with any firearm to shoot it straight into the air. Because like it or not, it's simple gravity. Eventually, that bullet is going to run out of steam and fall back to earth. And where it lands? Well, that's anyone's guess based on the winds and the type of bullet being fired.

I was pretty much going into this video with no expectations, so I found the results to be very intriguing and interesting.

Once again, please DO NOT try anything like this yourself.

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