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Video: Think You Could Get Away With Buying This Many Guns at Once?

Demolition Ranch's Matt Carriker is known for being a little gun-crazy.

It's no secret Matt Carriker has an obsession for guns. There's no telling how many he actually has, but it's safe to say the untold number would raise the eyebrows of many government officials.

Luckily for those who follow him, however, that doesn't bother him one bit, as he seemingly shows off a new gun in just about every video. But in this one, he displays six that he bought all at the same time from an online firearm retailer.

He often jokes about keeping his firearm purchases on the down-low so his wife won't give him a hard time, but it certainly isn't easy to hide six long guns.

Ask yourself, what would your significant other say if you came home with six new guns?

Watch the video below:

Using Rock Island Auction Company, a website where shooters can bid on various firearms, Carriker loaded up on some firearms he'd been eyeing for a while. By the end, he came out with an SKS with a bayonet, an AK-47, a Romanian PSL, a Mosin-Nagant, an M1 Garand and a Winchester Model 1897 (M97 or Trench Gun).

He obviously went vintage with all of these purchases, but all of the above are bonafide classics.

To put them to the ultimate test, he decides to challenge competition shooter Jerry Miculek to a run-and-gun showdown.

Despite a light-hearted rivalry, these guys got the most out of these timeless firearms, as each one pulled its weight.