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Video: Attempted Armed Robbery Turns Into Complete Chaos

Costa Rica robbery

Here we have self-defense scenario where absolutely everything goes wrong.

In a surveillance video from YouTube channel Active Self Protection, we get an in-depth look at an absolute train wreck of a robbery, as well as an awful self-defense approach.

From what we can see, with the help of host and defensive trainer John Correia, a woman and her husband needed to stop at a Costa Rica bank to make an exceptionally large deposit of $75,000.

Unfortunately for the couple, a group of other men know about the cash, which the woman's carrying loosely in some kind of tote. As she approaches the bank from her husband's truck, a man attacks her with a firearm, hitting her in the back of the head and knocking her unconscious.

At this point, a security guard from the bank--also armed--charges the assailant, but doesn't shoot. After he tackles the gunman, his own gun comes out of its holster and falls to the ground.

The two end up up in a fist fight, but the attacker doesn't only have the advantage of still possessing a gun. He's also wearing a motorcycle helmet, so a punch in the face will basically do nothing.

Then, the husband gets out of his truck and runs straight for the money bag while is unconscious wife is still lying on the ground in the midst of the chaos.

The original attacker then attacks the husband, kicking and and punching him in the face before one of his accomplices comes to help.

The guard then returns to the camera frame, where he begins shooting at the two attackers. This allows the husband to retreat to the bank, even though his wife is still lying on the ground.

However, once the guard starts firing off shots, he's able to take out all three of the attackers, suffering only a bullet wound to the shoulder.

Watch the video below:

I suppose the one thing that did go right here is the fact the guard was able to eventually stop the attack. However, there are so many things wrong with this entire situation, many of which Correia pointed out.

First off, there's no reason to ever be walking around with a loose bag of $75,000 in cash--you're asking for trouble.

Second, why didn't the guard just shoot the attacker off the bat? You're a security guard, you have a gun and someone's being robbed by a gunman. Use your gun!

Third, what the hell is wrong with the husband? Your wife is lying unconscious on the ground after being pistol-whipped. Sure, I've never been in that position and I'm sure there isn't a lot of time to think, but come on, man.

Fourth, take responsible shots! The guard, who at one point was wildly firing shots in a moment of panic, almost shot the unconscious wife by mistake. There's a reason people go to shooting classes before they start carrying a firearm.

Fifth, after the attackers run after the guard, the husband again chooses the money over attending to his wife? Nope, the panic argument is out the window.

What do you think? Where do you believe this situation initially went wrong?

Thanks to Correia and ASP for the in-depth analysis!



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Video: Attempted Armed Robbery Turns Into Complete Chaos