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FLW CEO Irwin Jacobs, Wife Found Dead in Possible Murder-Suicide

The two were found in bed, along with a handgun.

The fishing community is reeling from a shocking story out of Orono, Minnesota, where police found the bodies of Irwin and Alexandra Jacobs, as well as a handgun, in their Lake Minnetonka home.

Jacobs, 77, had become a very prominent businessman in the financial world, primarily buying up struggling companies and liquidating them for profit.

He also owned a minority share of the Minnesota Vikings back in the 1980s, which he later sold. And, of course, he's known for his role as the CEO of the Fishing League Worldwide, the world's largest tournament-fishing organization.

At 8:30 a.m. Wednesday morning, Orono police received a call from someone who "enters the house routinely." The caller found the two in bed, along with a handgun, at the 1700 Shoreline Drive property, according to a report from the Star Tribune.

Neighbors Bob and Carolyn Nelson told reporters they had been awake since 5 a.m. and hadn't heard or seen anything unusual. They left to go to the grocery store, and heard about the deaths when they got back.

Police haven't officially released the identities of the deceased or the cause of death. However, Dennis Mathisen, a close friend and business associate of Irwin, told the Star Tribune this was a murder-suicide by Irwin.

According to the report, he said he found out when he spoke with Irwin's secretary, as well as his son, Mark Jacobs.

"He was upbeat," Mathisen told the Star Tribune. "I talked with his son, Mark, yesterday and he talked to both of them. He said Irwin seemed up."

Mathinsen told reporters Irwin had been greatly struggling with his wife's early signs of dementia.

We'll keep you updated here at Wide Open Spaces as this story continues to develop.