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Man Shoots Giant Rock With .50 Cal Rifle to See What Will Happen

.50 BMG
YouTube: Edwin Sarkissian

How well will a giant rock hold up against shots from a .50-caliber rifle? 

Shooting .50-caliber ammunition is no joke. You're talking about a round that can fly over 3,000 feet per second while delivering over 13,000 foot pounds of energy to a target. It's little wonder militaries around the world use it as an anti-material round. However, when you stand up against Mother Nature, even with such a large rifle caliber, rarely does the firearm win.

Edwin Sarkissian, who has built his YouTube career on insane shooting experiments, takes on a giant rock with some .50-caliber bullets, as well as some other calibers, to see what how much this boulder can handle.

We're not kidding. Just watch the video to see what he finds after squeezing the trigger a few times:

Who else's heart skipped a beat on that dry fire from 20 yards? We're glad common sense prevailed and he was simply pulling a prank on his viewers. In the end, it was interesting to watch him fire shot after shot at this big boulder. It goes without saying, but this wasn't exactly the smartest experiment in the world. These are the types of shooting tests that have made Edwin famous in the shooting world. The man is going to take a ricochet one of these days if he isn't careful. However, we can't help but keep tuning in to see what zany experiment he does next.

That wicked ricochet sound on the .50 BMG hitting was absolutely insane. We wanted to duck and we were watching this unfold through a computer screen! We really shouldn't have to tell you that what he is doing is highly dangerous, so please don't try any of these experiments in your backyard range.

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Man Shoots Giant Rock With .50 Cal Rifle to See What Will Happen