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Sugar and Her Sprinkles: A Precious Doxie Puppy Photo Shoot

What is more precious than a puppy photoshoot? I'm not just writing this because I'm a huge Doxie fan. Look at this photo!

Not only was there a newborn photoshoot but a maternity photoshoot. I've included both of these below for your enjoyment. The dog's owner is Laura Shockley, a photographer based in Washington State, she specializes in maternity and newborn photography. I'm also in Washington and may need to give her a call and get some new photos of my dogs! 

This is not the first time we've covered a puppy photoshoot and we're happy to say that both are equally amazing. Look at her beautiful flower crown.

The proud Doxie mom had five puppies. When you scroll through her album you must check out the props she uses in her photoshoot. On her Facebook page, she talks about the props she has for human baby shoots and I just cannot imagine how sweet those photoshoots are and you can see some pics if you start scrolling.

I'm a big believer in photoshoots with senior dogs too as you'll love having those memories. We wrote about including that as a bucket list item for your beloved dogs.

If you're one of the lucky pet parents going to pick up these Doxie pups when they're ready, can you imagine having these pictures! I'd invest in some puppy pictures as Dachshund puppies are so adorable. Cute puppies are why when they're naughty you don't mind quite as much.

I always thought a career in pet photography would be really fun. One photo session during the lifetime of your pet will never be forgotten. It's a fun experience and while it may feel silly if you're in a photo studio it's worth it and the pet photographer will help guide you to ensure your photos are perfect. I would never have thought maternity photos of a dog would be so precious but look at what this photographer captures in her shoot!

These newborn puppies are so sweet I want to march out of my house and adopt a pup!

Would you do this with your dog if she had puppies!? Please leave us a comment! 

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