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Newborn-Style Puppy Sausage Dog Photoshoot is Precious

You had me at sausage dog puppies!

It's too much! We have done many photo shoots with our dogs. In fact, we also did a bucket list photoshoot with our senior dog, Bruiser. We can never have enough professionally done pictures of the dogs framed and hung throughout the house.

What we haven't done (but will now!) is a newborn-style photoshoot with puppies! We wouldn't have an opportunity to do this since we don't have any puppies currently but this is adorable.

Can we talk about the tiny knitted hats? These pups may be a little older now but this photoshoot will never get old!

TodayShow.com reported on this photo shoot and talked to the owner about the puppies and those tiny bonnets,

"Mia's owner, Monica Sanchez, 35, said she decided to do the photo shoot for her son."

"I didn't have dogs or puppies growing up," the McAllen, Texas. "And I wanted my son to see that. I'm just real crazy about capturing moments."

These dachshunds or wiener dog puppies are over the top when it comes to cuteness.

If a newborn-style photo shoot isn't your thing then what about a maternity photo shoot with an expecting pregnant dog? This would be as precious! I have a soft spot in my heart for dachshund puppies clearly but a newborn photo shoot with any breed of puppies (Corgi, pug, chihuahua...) would be adorable.

These tiny sausages will likely grow up to be funny dogs as our dachshunds are total clowns. They are such cute dogs.

What's amazing is the proud sausage dog poses for this shoot! Such a proud sausage dog mother, just look at that expression.

The bonnets made for those newborn puppies should be sold online.

Would you have a photoshoot with your dogs? Please leave us a comment below.

This post was originally published on June 18, 2019.

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