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New Retirement Home for Old Homeless Dogs Where They Will Enjoy Their Golden Years

Recently, I adopted two roosters from a farm sanctuary and visited with the animals and their executive director. Let me start by saying that I'm so grateful these organizations exist and now in Missouri, there is a new senior dog sanctuary, Shep's Place, that takes in not only senior dogs but old dogs that are homeless.

Shep's Place is a new Missouri retirement home for homeless senior dogs that don't get adopted from shelters. There might not be a place that I'd like to visit more and see first hand all these sweet souls that are getting a second chance. 

As you all may know I have a beagle-basset hound mix and Fox 2 Now reports,

"Founder Russell Clothier says he came up with the idea after he started walking shelter dogs. The high school physics teacher says he watched the older dogs "being overlooked" and it "hurt my heart."

The sanctuary is named after a 10-year-old beagle-basset hound mix that Clothier adopted."

Take a look at their Facebook post! 

The founder has room for 20 but will likely stick to a dozen.

A Facebook post tells us

"In the summer of 2017, I spent several days there, learning the ins and outs of shelter management."

Their mission is to provide a home for abandoned older dogs in the area. They refurbished a facility, and continue to build a group of volunteers to care for the dogs. These old dogs will clearly no longer fall through the cracks.

These homeless dogs are just hoping for a new home! Shep's Place Senior Dog Sanctuary is the dog rescue every region needs as there is only a percentage of foster homes available for seniors!

This new retirement home opens in April and we hope local rescue groups and animal shelters will start sending senior dogs to Shep's Place. The elderly dogs should be able to live our their golden days somewhere special!

What do you think of Shep's Place? Isn't it wonderful! Please leave a comment below! 

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