The "Pooch Selfie" Takes Photos With Your Dog to Another Level

Pooch selfies will bring a smile to just about anyone's face. Thanks to social media, they are everywhere filling pet lovers' needs to see cute puppers in their best poses.

TikTok is filled with pups trying to get the best pooch selfies. Cute dogs are putting their best paws forward to the delight of dog lovers everywhere, trying to get the ideal pose. Many pet lovers attempt to get their pooches to take adorable selfies. However, it can be rather tricky. Dogs have a hard time focusing directly on the camera, especially if other things are going on around them.

Some pups have their pooch selfie game down, though. Take a look at these cute pups giving it their all!

Strike A Puppy Pose

As hard as her dog mom tries, this pooch does not want to look at the camera. Someone is feeling a little camera shy! No worries, pup, you're still a cutie even if you won't take a pooch selfie!

Cute Pooch Selfie


Blue loves selfies ? #foryourpage #pethalloffame #dog #corgi

? Take a selfie - bonquiqui

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This pup doesn't have to be told twice that it is selfie time! The corgi absolutely loves having its picture taken with his owner. The cute pooch does not get tired of taking pic after pic. Also, he always seems to have the perfect pose. Impressive!

Best Paw Forward


Selfie dog (via Emma K) #dog #pet #animals #selfie #petsoftiktok

? original sound - The Pet Collective

This dog puts her best paws forward for a snuggly selfie with her human. They make an adorable pair in this cute pic!

The dog lands her paws perfectly around her owner's neck for a nice snuggle too.

Get The Perfect Doggie Selfie With The Pooch Selfie

Struggling to get the perfect puppy selfie? A good picture can be hard to come by with your pup. Make taking an adorable pic easier with the Pooch Selfie attachment, the perfect pet parent smartphone accessory. One of the more clever dog products, the Pooch Selfie, is a smartphone attachment that grabs your dog's attention with a squeaky tennis ball.

Put this on your cellphone, and you will get the perfect picture every time, and it works with both front and rear-facing cameras. Use the removable squeaking pooch selfie ball to keep your pup engaged and facing forward.

This puppy accessory began on Kickstarter in 2015 before appearing on Shark Tank and was created by Jason Hernandez. Hernandez was inspired by attempting to take pictures with his dog Logan. Shark Daymond John helped this dog selfie stick grow by pitching in $100,000.

Now, you can join pet owners everywhere by placing it on the top of your phone. It's easy to use and fits on both iPhones and androids, even the Samsung galaxy. It also works with most smartphone cases stepping up your puppy selfie game.

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