10 Wrinkly Dog Breeds We Need to Smush ASAP

Humans are all about getting rid of wrinkles as we age, but in dogs, there is seriously nothing cuter. Meet 10 dog breeds with adorable, wrinkled faces!

As any dog lover would know, there is nothing in this world that's quite as wonderful as a dog. While there are indeed SO MANY great things about having a furry best friend (all those slobbery kisses, for one!), there is just nothing that can really beat cuddling with your pooch and wrapping your hands all over those undeniably cute doggie skin folds.

That's why, we just love these wrinkled dog breeds! I mean honestly, there is just something so irresistible about those adorable wrinkles on your four-legged family member. From the droopy extra skin, to the wrinkled forehead, to those smush-tastic wrinkly faces, these oh-so-adorable dogs are enough to melt anyone's heart!

So, whether you are looking for your next pup or just want to celebrate the cuteness of a good wrinkled face, here are 10 wrinkly dog breeds whose wrinkly skin have us screaming MUST. SMUSH. NOW.

1. Shar-Pei

Originating from China, you can't talk about wrinkly dog breeds without mentioning the Chinese Shar-Pei. These cute dogs have wrinkles covering every inch of their body, literally from head to toe. Side note: Shar-pei puppies tend to have more loose skin.

2. Bulldog

The Bulldog, or the English Bulldog, is perhaps one of the most well-known wrinkly dog breeds. Recognized by their large head, stocky body, and wrinkled face with loose jowls, these dogs make great companions.

3. Pug

Another wrinkly dog from China, the pug is one of the oldest dog breeds. You can't mistake a pug — they are thoroughly loved for their super wrinkly faces, large expressive eyes, and small stature.

4. Bloodhound


If there was one word to describe the Bloodhound's face, it would be droopy. Having wrinkles and a good amount of loose skin on the face, these dogs have superior tracking skills that make them great police dogs.

Their wrinkles and their big, long ears actually help them waft smells to their nose!

5. Neapolitan Mastiff


Originally bred to intimidate gladiators in battle, today, the Neapolitan Mastiff uses its large, powerful body to just be a really great guard dog. But don't be fooled by their size, these wrinkly gentle giants are incredibly loving and sweet.

6. Dogue de Bordeaux

Made famous from starring alongside actor Tom Hanks in the movie 'Turner and Hooch', the Dogue de Bordeaux is the oldest French dog breed. With their adorable wrinkled face, you can't help but love this giant breed — just ask 'Turner'.

7. French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs are one of the most popular dog breeds among dog lovers. And it's easy to see why: those smushy wrinkly faces, the small size, and those bat-like ears make the Frenchie one very adorable dog.

8. Bullmastiff

Just like the Neapolitan Mastiff above, the giant-sized Bullmastiff is often used as guard dogs (it's the size that scares intruders!). The wrinkly-ness of the breed makes this gentle giant just so cute!

9. Pekingese

Having had two Pekingese dogs growing up, I may be just a little bit biased, but this Chinese dog breed is irresistibly adorable! With deep wrinkles on their face — these little dogs make great lapdogs.

10. Basset Hound

Originated from France, adorable Basset Hounds have long, droopy ears along with somewhat wrinkly yet very loose skin all over their body — even so far extending to their legs.

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