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Classic Commercial Reminds Us to "Just Get A Dog"

Ever wondered what would happen if everyone had "crazy pets" instead of dogs? Well, this comedic Super Bowl commercial answers that exact question.

Super Bowl commercials have charmed us, made us laugh, and yes, might have even made us ugly-cry on occasions — like ones from the Budweiser Clydesdales (i.e. their ever-so-touching "Rocky" commercial, their inspirational donkey commercial, and even their 9/11 tribute!) and ones from tortilla-chip brand Doritos. However, we think this 'Crazy Pets' Super Bowl ad from dog food brand Pedigree is one of the best.

Aired in 2009 during the first quarter of Super Bowl XLIII, the Pedigree Super Bowl spot was developed by ad agency TBWAChiatDay Los Angeles. In the hilarious Super Bowl commercial, titled 'Crazy Pets' (or a.k.a. non-officially, 'Get a Dog'), the marketers envision a world where pet owners have exotic wild animals instead of dogs through a series of typical day-to-day scenarios: like Rusty the rhino trampling through the living room, breaking everything in sight, when he tries to "go for a walk"; Bruno the ostrich running after the mailman; a wild boar riding in the backseat and sticking its head out of a car; and Max the water buffalo attempting to play catch with his owner—played by no other than "Jamie" from the Progressive Insurance ads!

So, what happens when you throw in a couple of "crazy" pets to replace dogs in an airing during America's biggest sporting event? Well, you can go see for yourself...

Pedigree "Crazy Pets" Commercial

This funny Super Bowl ad was a promo for the 'Pedigree Adoption Drive', an annual fundraising event bringing awareness to dog adoptions, shining a much-needed spotlight on shelter dogs in animal shelters and nonprofit rescues. Along with this popular tv spot, the dog food brand also had several behind the scenes vignettes featuring some of the "crazy pet owners", available on their website.

So, this upcoming Super Bowl, sit back and enjoy the commercials while watching the big game — and maybe get a dog to keep you company.

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