The Perfect Car Seat For Your Pup & Features You Need To Look For

Man's best friend goes everywhere with their humans these days. So why not travel in superb doggie style?

Taking your dog everywhere is the new norm. There are designated porch areas for dogs at bars, indoor dog parks, and many more dog-friendly places to visit. If you've ever been concerned for your dog's safety in a car, a dog seat could calm your nerves.

If we're wearing seat belts, our dogs need to be strapped in a dog car seat for long car rides. Dog owners, add a dog car seat to your wishlist of must need pet products. This is an alternative to dogs traveling in kennels or in an uncomfortable pet carrier. If you have a curious doggy who is always peaking out the window, they'll love a pet booster seat.

Dog Car Seat Features

Dog car seats, harnesses, crates, and mats are all designed for your pup's safety while you are traveling. However, if they are wandering around, they can get hurt, or worse, distract the driver, leading to everyone in the car getting hurt. Since safety is the primary reason for investing in a pet buckle strap or seat, you need to be sure you find an option your pooch will be comfortable in.

To ensure your furry friend is entirely comfortable, find seats that:

  • Are the correct size for your pooch
  • Won't cause your pup to overheat
  • Give them enough space, but not too much
  • Easy to clean, so pup won't itch or smell
  • Can be easily stored, so you have it with you

Above all else, you want your pup to be safe and not tossed around your front or back seats. Finding seats that correctly hook into your back seat will keep your dog secure. Also, look for seats or harnesses that are third-party safety tested and have excellent ratings. Here is a look at some of the top pet car seats and hammocks for keeping your pooch comfortable and safe.

1. Portable Pet Car Seat

A huge perk of these carriers is that your dog's hair stays in one place! If your back seat is covered in dog fur, consider a dog car seat for sanitary purposes as well. The removable cover is machine washable, so it'll always stay fresh after those trips to the dog park. Not the best choice for large dogs, but this dog carrier is great for small dogs.

2. Folding Dog Travel Booster Bag

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The built-in adjustable straps make it easy to install this dog booster seat in your car for a safe trip! There are four stars on this car seat carrier. Another excellent safety seat for small pets!

3. Portable Folding Pets Car Seat

A pink car seat is exactly what those sassy Yorkies and Pomeranians need. This carrier is lightweight and foldable. Collapsible seats are convenient. Simply fold it and put it away in your trunk when you don't need it. The straps attach to the headrest and around the seat for pet safety.

Dog Seat Covers

If your dog is too big for a dog booster seat, you can at least keep your dog safe in the back seat. Waterproof dog seat covers are fantastic for trips to the river or dog park where they might get dirty.

1. Premier Pet Car Hammock Seat Cover

Because of their large size, you can't use these in a front seat. However, dog seat covers are great for keeping mud and fur off your back seats! Since they're waterproof, it's also a great way to keep saliva off your seats.

2. WALFRONT Dog Car Seat Cover

I like dog seat covers because you can put a larger dog or multiple smaller dogs on it to protect your back seat. Any pet sitters out there? This could be an excellent investment if you want to keep your vehicle clean.

3. Waterproof Pet Seat Cover

There's some padding in this removable seat cover, so maybe this will encourage your dog to relax and take a nap on your next camping trip. Of course, they won't be as comfortable as a dog bed, but it has to be better than napping on leather seats. Pet car seats and dog seat covers are pet gear game-changers. They promote safety and car cleanliness.


Dog Seat Belt

Sometimes a seat belt is the best way to keep your pooch secured in the car. One customer said this belt is well made and blends in nicely with their other seat belts. Just buckle it up to your dog's harness!

What do you think your dog would prefer? A dog car seat or seat belt? Tell us over on our Wide Open Pets Facebook page!

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