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An Outdoor Thermometer Will Keep You Informed and Help You Stay Prepared

Outdoor Thermometer

Outdoor thermometers will come in handy more often than you think.

You should keep an eye on the weather any time you're camping or spending significant amounts of time outside. You don't want to be out there unprepared if temperatures were to dramatically drop or skyrocket.

If you've recently purchased an RV, it goes without saying that you need a digital thermometer in it. They're also useful if you're camping in a tent.

Outdoor thermometers are useful for for more than just their temperature reading. Their humidity sensors can be a real benefit. If you're detecting high wind speeds and high humidity, chances are you're going to encounter a rainy weather forecast.

Assuming you can't check your phone for weather updates, I recommend packing an outdoor thermometer for temperature readings. The next best alternative is a crank radio and listening to a weather station. Just go the easy route with a thermometer for outdoor use.

Where to Place an Outdoor Thermometer Sensor

It's important that you do not place an outdoor sensor in direct sunlight. Keeping the sensor at least four feet off the ground is also recommended for an accurate reading.

If you have a weatherproof sensor, you can get away with placing it on wooden poles or on patio tabletops. For camping purposes, I would attach it to your tent if possible.

Where to Buy Outdoor Thermometers

There are plenty of places you can get an outdoor thermometer, from the big outdoor retailer in your area, to the small, locally-owned hardware store. They're common enough to find, but the selection is rarely more than one or two to choose from.

That's why we'd recommend using the endless supply of gear found on Amazon. With all the added benefits of side-by-side comparisons and convenient shipping options, it's tough to beat.

When shopping for an outdoor thermometer you'll come across many that read both indoor temperatures and outdoor temperatures. It's up to you to determine if you need that or not.

Here are a few selections that will work for various needs.

1. ThermoPro TP-60S Digital Hygrometer Indoor Outdoor Thermometer

Outdoor Thermometer

ThermoPro's wireless thermometer reads both indoor and outdoor temps. It'll help you keep track of humidity percentages as well.

Pay attention to temperature trend arrows if you're curious if the temperature sensor is detecting cooler or warmer weather. This one is great for walls and tabletops.

2. Taylor Precision Products Patio Thermometer

Outdoor Thermometer

Taylor's weather resistant outdoor wall thermometer has a -60 and 120 degrees Fahrenheit temperature range. It looks like a wall clock, so if you want a display with large numbers, you'll like this dial thermometer.

3. Sun Company Digital Zipogage - Compact Zipperpull Digital Thermometer

Outdoor Thermometer

If you're looking for an outdoor thermometer that gets straight to the point, you can go with something simple like this one from Sun Company. The LCD display can register temperatures in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. Use the keyring to attach it to your jacket, keys, or backpack. It isn't weatherproof, so keep it in a safe place during rainy weather conditions.

The kind of outdoor weather thermometer you shop for is going to vary based on where you're going to put it. If you're keeping it at the campsite, you can look into something like the ThermoPro thermometer. For something to keep in your backyard or at the RV site, the Taylor thermometer is great.

If you need something simple for a hike, and aren't worried about a humidity gauge, check out Sun Company.



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An Outdoor Thermometer Will Keep You Informed and Help You Stay Prepared