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Who's Ready to Go Camping in the Cabela's Tent Mansion?!

All photos via Cabela's

The Cabela's Ultimate Alaknak tent can hold you, your dog, your hunting entourage, your family, your friends, their dogs, your gear, their gear...

This canvas wall tent mansion from Cabela's is really big. But if you're setting up camp for an extended period of time and not carrying it in for miles, it's perfect.

The tent is 13 by 27 feet, more spacious than many city apartments, and it's even equipped with a wood stove jack for cold weather and multi-paneled windows. Heck, that's more than some multi-million dollar high-rise condos can claim!

Could you imagine?

Cabela's Ultimate Alaknak 12-Person Tent

It has 10 heavy-duty poles and Cabela's proprietary tent material, X-treme Tent Cloth, It is rugged, highly water-resistant and has quality tear/puncture strength.


The tent has a ton of cool features, and has two doors, including a screen door, with an awning over the entrance. It has enough capacity to sleep 11 of your closest friends. Add a little camping furniture, and you're golden.

The Ultimate Alaknak tent makes the ultimate base camp, hunting camp, if you just want plenty of room in your tent or if you have nine kids and want to get away for the weekend. Seriously, this thing is bigger than some living rooms!

Cabela's Total Family Tent Mansion

The canvas tent weighs 127 pounds and costs $1,500 at Cabela's. The set up may be a little more involved than you're used to, but it's not as hard as it may seem. The first time might be tough, but it'll only get easier with each camping trip.

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This Cabela's tent could be the perfect way to create a portable deer or fishing headquarters this summer. As far as camping tents go, it's the top of the class. Maybe just hire a pack mule to bring it into the backcountry.

This post was originally published on January 30, 2019.



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Who's Ready to Go Camping in the Cabela's Tent Mansion?!