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Who Needs a Tent? 10 Places to Hammock Camp

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 Sometimes you don't need to pack your heavy tent with all its accessories; poles, stakes, fly, tarp. All you need is a hammock. 

When you want to lighten your load, sleeping in a hammock can be an option. Especially with the great selection available these days, you can bet they are more comfortable than sleeping on the ground. Most have mosquito nets, and with a good sleeping bag you won't get too cold.

You can sleep under the stars with a nice fire that you can cook your catch or game over. Ah, life outside is sweet.

Here are some places to hang your hammock.

1. In a Canyon



2. In the Woods 

The Ultimate Hang


3. In the Snow

Andrew Skurka


4. With the Kids

Bring the Kids


5. With the Dog

Eagle's Nest Outfitters

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6. Way Too High Up

We Travel and Blog


7. Still in a Tent

Rich Vibe


 8. Bunk-bed Style

CW Hammocks


9. In a Tree

Camping Gear Outlet


10. Anywhere With a View

Trek Light Gear

So whether you want a lighter load on your next backcountry trip or hate setting up tents, maybe just bring your hammock.

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Who Needs a Tent? 10 Places to Hammock Camp