Hunting Cabin
YouTube: Blended Outdoors

12x16 Shed Converted into the Perfect Off-Grid Hunting Cabin

This shed conversion makes for a cozy hunting cabin!

Every hunter dream about having their own piece of property specifically for hunting where they can get away from it all during the season every year. Because of the expenses of building and maintaining, owning a hunting cabin is a pipe dream for many of us.

That is unless you get creative and go tiny. That is just what YouTuber Blended Outdoors did. He started with a simple 12x16 garden shed and converted it into a hunting cabin for his entire family.

This is an impressive build and an excellent use of space. This cabin has everything you could ever want for a home base while hunting and then some.

When we heard the words "converted shed," we were not expecting all the creature comforts that have been built into this cabin. The walls may be a little bare and spartan, however you do not need anything too fancy for a hunting cabin you may only use a few times a year. The way they have set this cabin up makes it look extremely cozy to us.

The most impressive aspect of this build was how he was able to fit in a full bathroom and kitchen along with sleeping space for everyone in the family. There is no wasted space here. Everything has a specific function for when they need it and some of the solutions for things like the shower are quite clever. This offers more creature comforts than your average tent or travel trailer likely will.

This cabin size appears to be perfect for a small family with young children or a group of two to three adults. Pitch in with your friends to build it and you could cut the costs even more if you agree to share. Looks like a viable option for hunting cabin to us. Time to start shopping for a suitable shed to serve as the shell!

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