Shipping Container Home
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Shipping Container Turns Into Off-Grid, Low-Budget Cabin in the Woods

This shipping container home is quite spacious.

Almost everyone would love to own their own home and not have to deal with an expensive mortgage payment for real estate every month. It is even better if you can go off-grid and avoid water and electrical payments too. That is why tiny house living has taken off so quickly.

One hot trend is used shipping containers converted into custom container cabins in the wilderness. A place like this makes the perfect guest house, weekend or vacation home getaway. Of course, it can also serve as a full-time living space for the DIY-types.

Joseph Dupuis built this 355-square feet custom home himself with minimal building materials and three recycled shipping containers. It has a relatively simple floor plan, but has a living space that is more spacious than you might realize.

The old saying that "appearances can be deceiving" fits well with this storage container home. The living area and dining room are quite spacious. From the outside, this tiny home is quite unassuming. Inside, it is hard to believe you are standing inside a bunch of old shipping containers. Building a home from 40-foot containers like this is a solid option. Especially if you do not have much or any home building experience.

The steel boxes may not be much to look at from the outside, but we have seen some container buildings become quite elaborate. There are some examples of container architecture out there with open spaces on the front porch, sliding doors and other features you would expect only in full-size homes. This design could be modified even more to add solar panels or water collection systems to go off-grid even more. We have also seen one container home design that incorporated glass doors that slid up like a garage door to open the spaces of these steel boxes up even more in the warmer months.

That means your shipping container house could have the great outdoors as part of your living room! You do have to watch out for local building codes because some areas frown on the use of steel containers repurposed like this. However, if your area allows it, why not try building a modern shipping container home? It will give you the chance to own a little place of your own on a remote Canadian lake or a mountainside in Colorado without the huge costs of a normal-sized home.

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