Need to Know Property lines? OnXMaps' HUNT is a Tool Every Outdoorsman Needs

I don't get jazzed up very often about new apps and gadgetry, but the OnXMaps' HUNT program is amazing. 

The other day I was sitting at my computer when I received an email about trying out a hunting and fishing website that details out private and public boundary lines. Not only that, it details your progress through GPS tracking, records information, and a whole laundry list of other features through an app on your phone. For the most part, it seemed a little overwhelming with all of the features it offered. However, once I logged in and gave it a try, I was blown away by not only how essential the HUNT app is, but how easy it was to use both on my computer and my cell phone.

The OnXMaps' HUNT background is in helping hunters know where they are when they are out in the woods. Knowing this can mean the difference between trespassing or perhaps evening finding other properties you didn't know were actually public. Just by launching the app and turning on your phone's GPS, multiple layers of information fill your screen.

For me, this app is brilliant for fishing applications. For example, the below screenshot is directly from my phone.

OnxMaps Hunt

I have fished this area for several years but stopped short of the big bend at the top of the screen because I never saw any trails go that way and I didn't know whether it was public or private. Thanks to the HUNT app, I now have about a half mile more of water access to wade. Before, I would take a trail just before that big wooded area and walk across to the other side. I wish I knew this sooner. 

Pretty cool right? Here, just check out this video below from OnXMaps' HUNT and see for yourself everything else this incredible GPS mapping program can do. With so many options, and a treasure trove of information, how any outdoorsman couldn't benefit from this is beyond me.

This is a subscription service. The Elite option is $99.99 per year for every state, or $14.99 per month if you wanted to do it that way. Your other option is a per state membership. For this, a one time cost of $29.99 is all it takes.

At the end of this month I'm heading to West Virginia on a backpacking fly fishing trip. Knowing where I stand ethically on boundary lines when I have no idea where I am is going to be awesome.