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You're Doing it Wrong! 12 Priceless Boat Launch Fails

The Hull Truth

We all can't be winners...

Boat Ed

Backing a boat down a ramp to launch can be one of the most stressful moments of the fishing trip. Coming in a close second is the eventual moment when that same person has to back an empty trailer down the same ramp to load that boat back up.

As you may guess, plenty of boat launch fails happen between all the successes.

The following 12 examples are a great reason why practicing backing up with a boat before heading to the lake might be a good idea. Maybe you can avoid being one of many boat launch fails that happen all summer long.

Scroll down to see some pretty awful boat launch fails. 


I think there might be an easier way?

Lake Powell View Estates

You can't make this stuff up!


The guy next to the truck looks less than amused.


At least his rig matches.


Umm...Looks good to me!

2 Cool Fishing

"Just a few more feet, just a few more..."

Strange Police

It even happens to the police!

News Lincoln County

I know there is a ramp around here somewhere...

Fort Lauderdale Marine Directory

At least it is a nice day.

The Hull Truth

Just another day at the boat ramp.


Is that a van?

Herald Sun

At least he has a nice place to sit.

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You're Doing it Wrong! 12 Priceless Boat Launch Fails