25 foot shark

This 25 Foot Shark is Largest Ever Caught by Rod and Reel in Europe

A 25-foot shark caught on a rod and reel? Yeah, no wonder it's the largest ever caught in Europe.

An absolutely enormous deepwater sixgill shark has been caught off the coast of ireland that has to be seen to believed. Not only that, this 25 foot shark was actually caught by a rod and reel. With little doubt, a fish this big is probably one of the largest sharks ever to be landed anywhere. However, as one might assume, it's already been confirmed as the largest ever shark caught in Europe.

Ben Bond, a British fisherman, was fishing off the coast of Ireland when the big shark hit. Some 90 minutes later, both the fisherman and shark were exhausted, but Bond won the battle. The boat's captain, Luke Aston, estimated that the big shark weighed close to 1500 pounds. 

After the fight was over, Bond released the sixgill back into the ocean. As it was reported, it swam off safe and sound back into the depths. From there, Bond relaxed the rest of the way back into shore and celebrated his accomplishment with a solid pint of beer.

Congrats Mr. Bond on such an amazing fish. Hopefully this accomplishment stands for a very long time to come.