Music for Dogs: Amazon Customers Swear by These Bluetooth Speakers

Playing classical music for dogs is an excellent way to provide comfort to anxious dogs while promoting dog relaxation. Many parents already turn on the TV when they leave home, but have you ever considered music for pets instead? Your doggy will love to relax and feel less stressed if you play some tunes instead.

Help your dog sleep and deal with their separation anxiety with healing music playlists. Whether it's soft rock, reggae, piano music, or lullabies, the following soothing music for dog options will distract from loud noises and prevent insomnia and hyperactivity. Music is excellent pet therapy for the doggy who has a racing heart rate whenever you leave home without him. Your dog's ears are sure to love our top picks from Amazon.

Play Your Dog Some Calming Beats

1. iCalmDog 5.0b Bluetooth Speaker + 3-hrs Clinically-Tested Classical Dog Calming Music: Through a Dog's Ear | Your Proven Canine Anxiety Solution

Doggy deserves his own hours of relaxing music, don't ya think? This Bluetooth device provides three hours of autorepeat classical music your dog's ears will love. Calm your dog with this unique sleep music device.

2. Music Dogs Love: While You Are Gone (Calm Music for Dogs Relaxation & Separation Anxiety)

Awe, nobody wants to see their dog sad when they leave. This beautiful collection of music for pets will help provide stress relief. If you are seeking free music, this CD purchase comes in a free MP3 format. The compilation includes one hour of calming tunes. (You won't find any heavy metal on this album.)

3. Through a Dog's Ear

You can choose between MP3, streaming, and CD formats and even hear samples of how this sleeping music will sound to your dog's ears by checking out the audio samples on Amazon.

4. Pet Tunes Bluetooth Speaker Preloaded with Calming Canine Music

This nifty and rechargeable Bluetooth speaker comes pre-loaded with hours' worth of calming music that replays on repeat.

5. Soothing Music for Dogs - Calming and Relaxing Music for Putting a Dog to Sleep, Pet Therapy

You can purchase one MP3 track or buy this whole album of 25 songs that will help calm your dog. There's even a track for cats. (Because they like music too, who knew?)

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